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Here are some of the most popular links to products and prayer resources that I love! Thank you for your support.

Inspired by the natural colors and landscapes of the West Coast and transformed by the power of prayer, West Coast Catholic products invoke a sense of spiritual awe and wonder through intentional, transcendent beauty. As life brings new paths and challenges, the Catholic faith remains constant and can be a steadfast source to lean into and be restored by.

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The community of the Sisters MICM (Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) carefully select the items for the shop. Everything we sell is meant to reflect traditional Catholic living, and to bring you closer to God! Many items have even been designed by the Sisters! These beautiful consecration rings are perfect for anyone.

Unlock the Power of the Rosary.

“The power of the Rosary is beyond description,” said Venerable Fulton Sheen. It’s a potent, saint-making prayer. A spiritual weapon so powerful it has defeated armies and changed world history. It can resolve personal problems, rescue souls from eternal death, and conquer despair. But so few of us make the most of its graces.

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We are a leading online and catalog retailer of high quality Catholic books and gifts, and have been in business for more than 20 years, answering Pope St. John Paul II’s call for all Catholics to join in a New Evangelization.

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Home of the Official Life Wins™ Brand Clothing

We get it. We hate confrontation, too. That’s why we made these not-so-subtle t-shirts. To say it without actually saying it. We made them for ourselves and received enough inquiries about them, we decided to make them available to the whole team. We’re on the boat with you. 

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